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Please use only the forms on this website



Why join DVHA Fun, participation, horse shows, lower class fees, the DVHA Newsletter (Crossties), and horse shows!  Making friends, fabulous footing, horse shows!  Schooling privileges, year-end banquet with awards, and - - HORSE SHOWS!!!!    Get the idea??  Join now!!

DVHA Membership is easy! Annual enrollment begins December 1st..Members new to DVHA can join at any time of the year without a late fee. (Renewal memberships are considered late after February 28). Download the membership form and mail directly to the membership address. All members should enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with their membership applications for the speedy return of membership cards. NOTE: ALL MEMBERS WILL NEED TO SHOW THEIR MEMBERSHIP CARDS ON SHOW DAYS. 

  • PLEASE BE NEAT and give all requested information on the form. Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned. No exceptions.

  • If paying for work hours, please return a separate $250 check with your application. This will help our accounting. NOTE: Members who decide to pay for work hours later in the season will be required to pay the higher fee of $450, payable to DVHA and sent with a letter to the Membership Chairperson by August 1.

  • Memberships are late after February…postmarked no later than Feb 28th. NO EXCEPTIONS. Remember, one applicant per form.

  • No new memberships will be accepted after August 1st.

  • All members should send in a volunteer form. You can volunteer all 8 hours on one day, or give us two dates that you can volunteer in blocks of four hours. NOTE: SEND THE VOLUNTEER FORM DIRECTLY TO THE DIVISION CHAIRPERSON. DO NOT SEND IT BACK WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

  • Don’t forget! Send the volunteer form(s) to the show chairmen of your choice. They will get back to you to confirm whether your volunteer dates are acceptable. Don’t wait until the end of the year!

  • DVHA Life members should also send in a membership form. There is no membership fee (just write “life” in the fee area) but Life members would register new mounts and recap existing mounts for the show season.

What about meetings?

 Thanks – and we’re looking forward to a super 2016! 

DVHA Membership Forms:

All members are mailed renewals; new members can download membership materials from this site or send SASE to: DVHA MEMBERSHIP, 41 Sutton Farm Road, Flemington, NJ 08822. Send by regular mail (in #10 envelope only) as FedEx or overnight packages will not be delivered. Completed forms should be mailed to the same DVHA Membership address.

DVHA Membership is easy! Annual enrollment begins December 1st.  

Here’s what to do:

1)       Fill out membership application (one person to a form)

2)      Fill out volunteer sign-up forms (for required work hours) and mail them directly to the appropriate DVHA show chairman. (Do not mail to the membership address.) The show organizers will contact you to firm up your work date(s).

3) Remit correct FEES:


Fee schedule:

RENEWALS:  Junior or Senior Member, if paid before Feb 28th: $30


HORSE NOMINATION, all members: $15 per horse nomination, $5 horse transfer fee 

 Horse Nominations:

All members competing for year-end awards list as many horses as they will be riding; points are counted on horse/rider combinations. Please list your horse’s name EXACTLY the same way on your application as you will on your horse show entry forms. [Example: don’t register Black Jubilee Diamond and fill out a horse show entry as Blackie. Your points will not count.]  Remember to list all previously nominated horses as well as any new ones on your membership form for points to count.

Horse Additions:
If you acquire new horses during the season that you wish to nominate, send us an “Add-Change” form with $15 for every new horse. Tell us the new horse names so we can track your points! If you acquire a horse already registered to DVHA, the transfer fee is $5.




Work Hours:
To remain a member in good standing and qualify for Year-End awards, all members must complete 8 volunteer work hours. Contact individual show chairpersons to schedule work on a show day.  All volunteer hours are greatly appreciated. Volunteering is fun! If you prefer, you can “buy” your work hours for $250. If this is the case, you must include a separate check with your application. No exceptions.

Note: After you work your required 8 hours, for each additional 4 hours worked you will receive a free class certificate

CLICK HERE for Volunteer Form

The information has been prepared as a guide for

      (a) members to understand the staff positions for which they may be best suited

      (b) organizers to properly staff their shows.

 Please read each staff position closely and keep these guidelines available for handy reference.

 In an effort to provide continuity for judges and exhibitors, a member is required to staff a show for a minimum of 4 hours - except for set-up or take-down.  If you are volunteering for a full day, you have the option of changing jobs between morning and afternoon sessions.

 NOTE:  Even though you may have signed up for a 4-hour minimum, be prepared to continue staffing your position until either the lunch break or the end of the show.  It is essential that you do NOT leave your position in the middle of a session because “your hours are up.”

 Some show positions have age requirements. DVHA prefers that an adult be responsible for fulfilling work hours for junior member under the age of 10.

 Show organizers have many responsibilities when preparing for a show.  Therefore, it is each member’s responsibility to notify the show organizer  to volunteer for a particular show.  It is also each member’s responsibility to complete the required volunteer hours (8 hours) if (a) that member is competing for year end awards – or – (b) if that member committed to doing the hours in order to use the showgrounds. 

 Report promptly to the show organizer on the day of the show.  Each member must have the volunteer form signed by the show organizer when volunteer time has been completed.  A show organizer cannot be held responsible for verification of a member’s hours the next day or the next month following the show!

 If you find your arrival will be delayed (due to circumstances beyond your control) on show day, please call the show office and let the show organizer (or someone in authority) know.

 Thank you for volunteering and remember - - IT IS FUN!