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Frequently Asked Questions

As a FULL member, do I need to complete 8 hours of work?

Members are obligated to complete 8 hours of work for DVHA to qualify for a DVHA year-end award. Members in good standing are then eligible for DVHA Year-End awards, based on points (ribbons) earned during the year.

Can I also work on a non-show day – and can parents work for junior members?

YES!  You can do “set up” work before a show. You can also help with grounds maintenance.  Parents and friends can work for you.  Just make sure the Volunteer form is filled out with both names (i.e., Sally Smith working for Susie Smith) and is signed by a DVHA show official.

I’m a carpenter.  Can DVHA use my talents and can my time be credited to my kids who are members?

YES!  Call us to inquire how we can use your skills.  Any folks who can contribute their time and talent to DVHA in this way will be appreciated!

I turned 18 on November 10, 2010.  Can I compete as a Junior in 2011?

No. Turning 18 before December 1st moves you into the "Senior" ranks for 2011. Juniors are 17 years old, or turning 18 on or after December 1, 2010.

I live far away.  As a FULL MEMBERS can I “buy” work hours?

YES.  Section A of the membership form instructs to enclose a separate check for work hours.  Full members who would like to “buy” their work hours declare this with their applicationsNO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE SHOW SEASON. YOUR POINTS WILL NOT COUNT. Members who decide to "buy" work hours after submitting their initial applications can do so for a $450 fee, payable to DVHA. This must be done by August 1 for points to count.

So if I do 8 work hours, I automatically get a Year-End Award

Not automatically!  Year-end awards go only to DVHA members in good standing who sign up for them, pay appropriate fees, and win more points (ribbons) than other DVHA members in the same division(s).

Can I join at a DVHA Show?

DVHA will accept memberships at the Sec’y Stand.  Forms must be filled out completely and signed.  Parents must sign applications for juniors. In addition, memberships submitted at the window must be paid for with a separate check – please staple your check to the form.  The show secretary will then mail forms to the membership address.  [NOTE: points will only count for classes that were ridden after we received the paid membership.  Applicants who compete before joining do not get points for the day.]  We are encouraging all members to join by mail well ahead of the show season to avoid congestion at the windows and to avoid errors with any points you earn!

I’m a new member.  Can I start using the grounds?

As a new member, you can use the grounds only after all 8 work hours are done. Only members in good standing from the previous year can start using the upper schooling ring once their dues have been paid. Members should contact Joanne Smisek/Membership for a schooling permit before using the grounds. Any member not in good standing who would trespass on DVHA show grounds will be asked to leave the show grounds and will be removed from DVHA membership rolls. We will involve the police if such members continue to trespass.

What is the lifetime horse fee?  What is the transfer fee?

When you join DVHA, you’ll now pay a $15 one-time fee for each horse you list. Points will be tracked to you and your horse for year-end awards.  If you acquire a horse already on our lifetime list, the fee to register is then only the $5 transfer fee.

As a DVHA member, can I campaign another member’s horse?

Yes.  List the horse on the membership form EXACTLY as the horse's name appears on our list.  Write “already paid for by (name)” in the margin.  BE sure to use that exact name on your horse show entry forms.

What about meetings?  Where are they?

All members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend meetings.  Meeting attendance is not mandatory.


8:00 PM at The Country Griddle Restaurant, Clinton, NJ

rev. 2-7-10