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From our DVHA Constitution:

The name of this association shall be the Delaware Valley Horsemen’s Association, Inc.  The objective of the association shall be to maintain horse show grounds for the purpose of holding clinics and horse shows.  DVHA was founded to promote interest in horses and to encourage fair play and good horsemanship and to create enthusiasm in the use of horses of all types, especially among the younger members.


For More Information:

Delaware Valley Horsemen's Association

PO Box 69

Ringoes, NJ  08551

Phone: 609-397-8080



As approved October 7, 2009



The name of this association shall be the Delaware Valley Horsemen’s Association, Inc.



The objectives of the association shall be to maintain horse show grounds for the purpose of holding horse shows and clinics.


Section I

To promote interest in horses and to encourage fair play and good horsemanship and to create enthusiasm in the use of horses of all types, especially among the younger members.



Section I

The elected officers of the association shall be a president, a first vice-president, a second vice-president, a treasurer, a corresponding secretary and a recording secretary.


Section II

The president shall be the chief executive officer of the association and of the executive committee and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The president shall appoint all committee chairmen. The president may at any time call a meeting of the executive committee and shall do so at the request of three members of the executive committee


Section III

A.  The first vice president, in the absence of the president, shall be designated by the executive committee to exercise any power or duty of the president of the association.


 B. The second vice president shall be designated by the executive committee, in the absence of the president and first vice-president, to exercise any power or duty of the president of the association.


Section IV: The Secretaries:

A.  The corresponding secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the members and meetings of the executive committee; shall be furnished a list of paid-up members by the membership committee chairman; and shall be responsible for the monthly publication of the newsletter.      


B. The recording secretary shall take the minutes of all general meetings and all meetings of the executive committee and read the minutes at the next general membership meeting.


Section V

A. The treasurer shall collect all monies due to the association which shall be deposited in the name of the association in such bank or place of deposit the association shall designate. Such monies shall be subject to withdrawal by signature of any two officers. The treasurer shall keep proper books of account, showing the disposition of all funds; shall make a full report in writing covering the financial condition of the association at the first meeting of the year and at such other times as designated by the executive committee; and shall make a similar verbal report at each monthly meeting. Such reports shall be noted in the minutes. The executive committee shall audit the treasurer’s books at the first meeting of the year.


B. The treasurer shall be allowed to pay normal bills associated with running any and all shows and the routine business of the association and the show grounds, when they become due. An accounting will be made at each monthly meeting.


C. Any expenditure for repair or improvements to the grounds or equipment exceeding $500.00 must be approved by the general membership except in cases of an emergency.


Section VI

All outgoing officers and committee chairmen shall turn over all pertinent records and equipment to the new president by January 1.  An inventory of all such records and equipment shall be signed by the outgoing officials and his/her successor and be turned over to the president prior to the first meeting of the year.



Section I – Executive Committee

A. The executive committee shall not exceed ten percent of the voting membership. The committee will consist of the six elected officers.  The additional members shall be selected by the six elected officers before the first meeting of the year or at their earliest convenience after the election meeting. One half of the members of the executive committee shall constitute a quorum.


B. The executive committee shall act in an advisory capacity for the good of the association. Minutes of each executive committee meeting shall be reported at the following general meeting.  This committee is responsible for recommending to the general membership changes to the Constitution, By-Laws, Year-End rules and Horse Show rules and interpretation of same. This committee is responsible for the presentation of programs at regular monthly meetings. It is responsible for the organization of non-horse show activities such as trips, picnics, etc. This committee is responsible for the availability of an ambulance/rescue squad at all shows held on DVHA grounds as well as making recommendations regarding the safety of exhibitors and guests at DVHA horse shows. This committee is responsible for the condition of the show grounds such as grass, fences, ring surfaces, etc; for making recommendations to the membership regarding improvements and problems with the grounds; and the condition and security of all buildings on the show grounds and the recommendation to improve same. This committee is responsible for the organization of the annual awards banquet including recommendations of the site, selection of the entertainment, publication of the ad journal and any other activities designed to offset the banquet expense to DVHA. This committee, along with the sponsors of annual “special” awards, is responsible for determining the recipients of the special awards, choosing to whom the banquet is to be dedicated, and choosing the trophies to be given at the annual awards banquet. They are also responsible for a permanent record of work hour/meeting status of eligibility. This committee is responsible for reviewing annual budgets and submission of same to the Executive Committee for approval. This committee will consist of at least three (3) DVHA full members, of which one is the Treasurer. This committee is responsible for the placement of ads, liaison with horse publications, distribution of prize list, and the promotion of DVHA and its activities.


C. Any vacancy in the elected officers or in the executive committee occurring during the year will be filled by the executive committee by a 2/3 majority and the person appointed to fill such a vacancy shall hold office until his/her successor is duly elected.


Section II – Standing Committees

A. The president shall appoint the chairmen of the following committees each year and of such other committees that may be required.


B. Standing Committees:

    1. Horse Show Advisory Committee – This committee is responsible for overseeing the purchase of ribbons, trophies, and equipment; hiring of judges; preparation of division/classes to be pointed for year-end awards for the current year; preparation of prize lists; and each discipline’s show rules pertaining to attire and tack. Each discipline conducting a series of shows will have horse show advisory committee consisting of:  division chairman, any show chairman/organizer and any interested general members. All prize lists and rules are to be approved by the general membership as outlined in the DVHA Horse Show Rules.


    2. Points and Awards Committee – This committee is responsible for determining the recipients of all awards based on points and keeping records of the same. It must make available to the public all show results and year-to-date points.


    3. Membership/Horse Registration Committee – This committee is responsible for the issuance of any membership cards and the collection of dues and the notification of any change in membership status. They are also responsible for:  the issuance of horse/pony registrations and keeping records of the same; and the periodic publication of a membership list. This list should include notation of the membership categories.


    4. Nominating Committee – This committee is responsible for the presentation of candidates who will run for office for the upcoming year.



A. The regular meetings of the association shall be held on the first Wednesday of March, June, September, and October unless otherwise designated by the president.


B. The regular meeting shall be held in a place of sufficient size to encourage general member attendance.


C. The president of the association and four executive committee members may call a special meeting to be held after  notice is given to the general membership.


D. The executive committee shall hold meetings the first Wednesday of every month unless otherwise designated by the president.



Section I

A. Membership shall be open to anyone interested in horses. Only full adult members shall have the power to vote. An adult is any member 18 years of age as of December 1. Persons born on December 1 must assume the greater age of that date.


A. Types of Membership

    1.  Junior and Adult Membership – Active member, in good standing, enjoys all privileges and benefits of membership, including but not limited to:  Use of show grounds on non-show days, reduced entry fees, monthly newsletter and other club communications, eligibility for all series and year-end points, voting privileges, and perform all service hour requirements.


        a.  Junior and Adult, must pay the following annual dues:


        (1)     $30 a year

        (2)     Members renewing after March 1st will pay an additional $10 fee.

        (3)     No junior membership will be accepted without a parent or guardian signature on the membership application.

        (4)     Lifetime horse membership – There is a one-time $15 registration fee per horse.

                (a)  A $5 transfer fee will be required for name change or change of ownership.


    2. Lifetime Membership – A membership awarded to a DVHA member for distinguished service. Recipient enjoys all benefits and privileges of membership. There is no performance of service hours to maintain a Lifetime membership. (For selection, see ARTICLE VI, F.)


    3. Honorary Membership – A membership awarded by DVHA to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the objectives of this association. These members must be nominated in writing to the members and approved by a 2/3 majority of members present at a regular meeting. (No responsibilities, obligations or privileges of regular membership.)


B. Membership Acceptance Dates


    1. Memberships are accepted as of December 1st of the current year.


    2. No memberships will be accepted after August 1st.


C. Work Requirements:


    1. All Junior and Adult members (excluding lifetime and honorary members), are required to work the following minimum work hours per year, except in cases of hardship proven to the satisfaction of the executive committee:


        a. Adult: All adult members will be required to work 8 hours per year.


        b.  Junior: All junior members will be required to work 8 hours per year.


    2. The work requirements for members may be fulfilled by another person provided it is so designated at the time the work is actually performed.


    3. Extraordinary or appointed chair responsibilities will, upon executive committee approval, constitute fulfillment of a member’s required 8 hours.


    4. A volunteer sign-in form must be with the show chairman/organizer of the day and it will be the member’s responsibility to see that the form is completed; that the member is signed in/out and verified with the signature of the chairman of the day.


    5. Any Adult member who performs the service as a clinician or show series judge will receive reimbursement in the form of the amount of their membership dues.


    6. Any Junior or Adult member unable to fulfill workday requirements will be offered the option of paying an additional sum of $250 at the time the member joins or renews their membership, or a fee of $450 if the member decides to do so during the horse show season.


D. All work requirements must be met by November 1st in order to qualify a member and/or his horse(s) for year-end awards in pointed divisions.


E. Prior to September 1 of each year, the members may recommend to the executive committee in writing distinguished members for consideration as Lifetime members. The executive committee shall meet to discuss the merits of these recommended members and present their findings to the general membership at the September meeting (or the October meeting if there is no September meeting). Voting on candidates for lifetime membership will be held at the next meeting by secret ballot. A 2/3 majority of voting members is required. Lifetime memberships, so passed, will be bestowed at the annual awards banquet.   


F. The members, may from time to time, recommend in writing to the executive committee, the withdrawal of any membership. The executive committee shall meet to discuss the case in question, and present their findings to the general membership at the next meeting, after written notification to the member in question, so they may be given the opportunity to defend themselves. The general membership shall again meet to vote on the matter by secret ballot. A 2/3 majority of the voting members present will be required to rescind any membership.


G. All junior membership applications must be signed by their parent or guardian stating that said parent/guardian understands the provisions and requirements of membership and they will complete the 8-hour commitment if the junior member is unable to do so.


Section III

Renewal dues are due and payable December 1st. Delinquent member’s names shall be dropped from the membership rolls as of February 28.



This Constitution and By-Laws may be added to or altered or amended at any regular meeting by a vote of not less than 2/3 of the members present at the meeting, provided, however, that two weeks notice in writing of the proposed change shall have been given the members of the association.



A. In order for this association to be dissolved, a recommendation of dissolution must be presented to the voting members. All eligible voting

members must be given 30 days notice prior to a vote and all eligible voters must be provided with a proxy vote. The dissolution can only occur with a seventy-five (75%) majority vote from the eligible voters.


B. Upon dissolution of DVHA, all assets are to be liquidated and all outstanding debts of the association are to be paid prior to or as soon after dissolution as possible. Any surplus funds remaining after the payment of the association’s debts are then to be given to a trustee to be named at the time of dissolution by the executive committee of DVHA. The trustee is to place these funds in trust with the instruction to reinvest twenty percent (20%) of the trust income every year to perpetuate the trust and to use the remaining eighty percent (80%) to fund for scholarships in equal mounts. These scholarships shall be as follows:


    1. The first scholarship is to be provided to an individual, corporation, or organization that is providing research that is intended to improve the life of equines.


    2. The second scholarship is to be in the form of a cash grant to assist any member of the USET during an Olympic year or in a non-Olympic year to assist a local competitor who is of Olympic caliber.


    3. The third scholarship is to go to a person who is going to attend veterinary school with the intent to specialize in the equine area.


    4. The fourth scholarship shall go to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged and handicapped people who wish to be introduced to equine sports and activities.


C. In all of these scholarships, the trustee is to give first preference to local residents. Local residents shall be defined as anyone living within a 50-mile radius of the DVHA show grounds located in Sergeantsville, New Jersey. Should local residents fail to qualify for these scholarships, then the trustee shall use his discretion in awarding them.


D. In order for this amendment to be adopted and repealed, it must be approved by seventy-five (75%) of the eligible voters. Thirty (30) days notice must be provided to all eligible voting members prior to a vote and all eligible voters must be provided with an opportunity to vote by proxy.






A.  Robert’s Rules, revised, shall be the guide on all matters of procedure


B.  Ten (10) active members including two officers, one of whom must be the president or a vice-president of the association, shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the association.


C.  The treasurer shall be bonded.




D.  The association’s books shall be audited by a CPA who will file annual income tax forms.


E.  The association’s seal and all official records shall be kept in a safety deposit box, in the custody of the association’s treasurer.




A.  The annual election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in October.


B.  The officers elected at the annual election meeting shall assume office December 1 and serve for a term of one year.


C.  If there is only one candidate for any office, the president will declare him/her elected and no ballots will be distributed or counted. If there are two or more candidates for any office, elections will be by written ballot; the candidate who received the largest number of votes for that office will be elected.


D.  Nominations for elective office shall be made by a nominating committee and/or from the floor at the September meeting.




A.  The association shall hold horse shows under the DVHA Horse Show Rules or those of the appropriate national governing body


B.  Rules governing all horse shows must be amended by a majority vote of members in attendance at a regular monthly meeting.


C.  Rules effecting points must be changed prior to the first pointed show. Other show rules can be changed as needed.


D.  Class specifications will be included in all prize lists.


E.  From time to time, DVHA show grounds may be rented by any organization for activities that are deemed appropriate by the membership.



    1. DVHA horse show dates have first priority over other organization dates.


    2.  The president shall forward to the renting organization duplicate copies of the rental contract for signature and return, along with a $100.00 per show day security deposit and a copy of a certificate of insurance.


    3.  The balance of the contract fee is to be paid upon completion of the event(s).


    4.  A designated member of DVHA must be on the grounds at the end of the day of the show for the express purpose of inspecting the care of the grounds and equipment.


    5. The security deposit will be subtracted from the contract fee, following an inspection of the property after the show. If any damage has occurred, a further fee will be assessed and applied against the security deposit.


F.  DVHA will hold up to seven (7) English, Western and Jumper pointed shows per year, from April to October; a series of Dressage pointed shows as determined by the Dressage Horse Show Advisory Committee; and any other such pointed shows as approved by the general membership.




The association shall hold an annual banquet during the winter months with at least one member of the previous year’s executive board members to be retained for the following year’s banquet.